The George Abrahams Group

The George Abrahams Group is a major supplier of meat and associated products from the heart of the City of London to the four corners of the globe.

We were established in 1991, with George Abrahams Ltd, Market Provisions (Smithfield) Ltd and the historic Keevil and Keevil1 being the founding companies. The group has forged trading partnerships with some of the strongest brands in the industry, and in turn, grown to include its own production plant in South Yorkshire, GA International Food Services Ltd

Smithfield Meat Market in London is the hub of the group with three outlets on the market floor, complemented by a trading team that is constantly on the pulse of this relentlessly changing industry. From prime cuts of beef, lamb, mutton, pork, poultry, game and wild meats, to speciality sausages, burgers and quality provisions, the George Abrahams Group product range is extensive and diverse, which we are proud to offer our customers.

1 Keevil & Keevil began life in Newgate Market – then London’s principal meat market – in 1797, before transferring to the new Central Meat Market at Smithfield after its opening in 1868. It has recently launched an online store and now makes the best of Smithfield Market available to the general public nationwide. CLICK on the button to the left to enter.

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